On Campus Training

REDLEAF believes IT skills and talents need to be identified and nurtured right from Academic Insitutions/Colleges/Universities levels. Imparting quality IT education at this level, certainly improves the students to cope with rapid technological explosion and give them a better platform for learning right from the basic concepts till expert topics. Also, it lays a strong foundation for a paradigm shift from existing teaching methodologies and approaches, as mere technology teaching is not sufficient for these young minds.

In the prevailing scenario, Corporates expectations on the IT knowledge of students exceeds the academic teachning of technologies. Imperatively, the young student minds needed to be guided on the right application areas of IT and to direct their knowledge and energies to think positively, innovatively and beyond the basics.

REDLEAF with a social responsibility of delivering knowledge and experiences gained, back to the society, offers tie-up programs for Colleges and Universities.

REDLEAF ties-up with Colleges/Universities to run tailor made training programs parallel to the academic curriculum so that it would reach the students effectively. REDLEAF deploys qualified faculties with industry experience at the premises of these institutions.

The advantages for students are multifold that they are encouraged to get certifications in select technologies of their choice, while learning their curriculum from industry experts, in a more flexible and convenient manner, at the same time, these institutions acts as a one stop centers for imparting academic and industry education. Students, never need to step out of colleges for additional learning.

Advantages for Colleges/Institutions:

Teach academic curriculum along with Industry learnings
Provide quality IT education at affordable fees.
Provide quality IT education at affordable fees.
No need to worry about attrition of faculties
Get industry experts from REDLEAF
Build a better brand image
Helps to have Academic-Industry interface

Advantages for Students:

Flexibility and convenient mode of learning technologies
Get hands on Industry exposure
Technology training and Project assignments at one go
Using labs & facilities provided by colleges to full potential
Friendly faculties to get more learning space
Conducive learning environment to experiment their learnings
Facilitates to obtain international certification
Enables them to become better employable resources

We offer courses and workshops on Oracle, Java, Linux, PHP, PL/SQL etc.,