Technology Safari

Indulge yourself We offer you a very unique program called Technology Safari, combining vacation, sightseeing, tourism, and technology training.

Technology Safari, a training program that is designed to offer you the best of both worlds:

A great Vacation and Cost effective IT-Certification.

An exciting and informative adventure, that takes you through the aesthetic essence and hypnotic beauty of the Western Ghats. Recognised as one of world's eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity, the Western Ghats have been accorded World Heritage status by the UNESCO. These ranges are known for their rich bio-diversity and natural heritage. One sees a breathtaking view of an ocean of dark green rolling hills in the deep valley of the Ghats. The spectacular waterfalls and the rich bio-diversity make it an experience to be cherished.

Under the realm of this paradigm shift, far removed from the mundane classroom, we will provide you with the most intensive technology training programs you have ever undertaken. Technology Safari combines cutting edge technology certification programs and ravishing walks through the heartland of wildlife. Free your mind, as we take you on a journey of a lifetime, through information and aggregation, training your mind and freeing your soul.

In order for you to achieve the most immersive and fulfilling experience as well as derive maximum benefit from your technology training, we have put together a complete package that takes care of your every need, from to and fro tickets, to your travel visas, all your transport food and accommodation.

Worried about cost? Never fear, because REDLEAF offers you the TECHNOLOGY SAFARI at far cheaper prices than ordinary certifications in your country. At only $xxxx, we make sure that TECHNOLOGY SAFARI is light on your wallet, but heavy on experience. Choose your program below, or call us, for a free consultation.

Programs List

Oracle Database
Oracle / Java Application Development
Oracle E-Business Suit
Oracle ADF
SAP - Functional and Technical
Data Warehousing - Informatica, Cognos