Tourism Management

Mapping your journey every
step of the way

Digitizing the modern tourism experience

The strength of tourism planning & decision making can be enhanced with GIS applications, to achieve a sustainable tourism planning and development.

It is a simple way of bringing together the design, operation, maintenance, decision, support and reporting in one application.

Sustainable planning

Sustainable planning

Identifying the tourists’ interests through constant interactions and helping them find a perfect location for a peaceful trip using GIS.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Checking of the entire dataset created through digitization and field collection to ensure the integrity of data collected.

Ensuring safe travel

Ensuring safe travel

Tourists get notified and updated regularly about the unsafe places in their location thus preventing them from getting into unnecessary trouble.

Improved communication

Improved communication

GIS-based maps greatly assist in understanding situations and provide the right solution. It is a simple and easy language that improves communication between different organizations and the public.

Digitization of Satellite Image to Base Map

Direct interpretation of satellite images for application-level solution is difficult. The process of digitization helps in extraction of spatial elements like roads, buildings, trees etc. The thematic representation of spatial elements for building basemap defines the type of usage for a particular application and in highlighting of specific spatial elements as per requirement.

Field Data Collection and Validation

Field data collection involves capturing the location information by performing the DGPS survey and collection of other secondary attributes from the ground reality. Firstly, the boundary for all the department properties are established using the DGPS with reference to the GCP’s established. Secondly, the surveyed data is processed by adding attribute data to the survey data. The surveyed data is quality checked and validated before it is converted into GIS compatible format.

Final Base Map Preparation

The final base map preparation involves merging and producing one single map from digitized map data and field-collected data. Simple layer segregation and seeding of the additional attributes gathered from secondary sources and from the field take place. The map is prepared on universal standards and respectively corrected and updated based on the quality checks, which can be accessed and utilized by various applications.

GIS Web Application

The GIS web application gives the users experience of spatial distribution of environs and also gives the capability to perform analysis in searching of locations, proximity, filtering etc. The immersive experience gives the ability to have same look and feel at web and mobile level interface with security enabled for accessing or posting the content.


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