Power Industry

Integration of Geo-based applications &
tools for power transmission

Integration of Geo-based applications & tools for power transmission

We deliver GIS solutions & products that are customized to suit different sector/ Industry/ consumer requirements and demands, by providing the right resource management tools for optimal energy usage.

The Challenge

With the recent industrial boom, the demand for electric power is at peak than ever before, An electrical division from a renowned state was finding it impossible to meet the new connection demand because they did not have good knowledge about their on-field assets. We were required to provide traceability of assets by accurately representing their asset network.

The Solution


A complete view of the design process of electrical transmission-equipped the engineer with the ability to create models keeping in mind the rising demand for new connections

This resulted in providing precise & accurate information about the design & its effects on supporting the new network, that can further be analyzed and optimized. In this way, scheduling and maintenance of the network become more effective and predictable.

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