GIS Staffing

Specialised Staffing Service for GIS

We provide GIS and Mapping firms with high-quality resources right from Consultant-Contractors to help them through the design, development and project management process.

We provide our clients with outsourcing support when they need to augment their staff in order to get their project tasks completed on time. We provide permanent or temporary staffing to organizations to help them meet their project specific staffing needs. Depending on business needs, customers can have experienced GIS Analyst on site for a day or week or month or several months.

Our specialist GIS personnel enable us to provide close partnerships with clients and to work quickly and efficiently to find and hire the best and most appropriate candidates. Our goal is to meet your specific project needs and at the same time, create a fit for your corporate culture.

REDLEAF Technologies also provides GIS integration services and employs several high-level GIS consultants.

REDLEAF is at the forefront of technological progress in GIS and have skilled process engineering teams & consultants, using streamlined systems to ensure the best quality and accurate results to a worldwide clientele.